Associate Professor David Oyedokun

Renewable Energy, Geomagnetically-induced Currents, Transformers, Power Systems Stability

MSc(Eng) PhD Cape Town MIEEE SAIEE

Research Interests

  • Renewable Energy
  • Geomagnetically- Induced Currents
  • Transformers
  • Power Systems Stability

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Oluwagbenga Apata, Techno-Economical Compensation using Hybrid
  • Mfon  Charles, Design of an energy efficient WSN communication algorithm for regulated power generation at low wind speeds, in an isolated microgrid of small wind turbines, using OPNET
  • George Hilton Gabriels, Network status and configuration detection
  • Pitambar Akshay Jankee, Experimental testing of the General Power Theory for power quality improvement
  • Best Khoza, Enhancement of power system stability using battery energy storage system 
  • Azeez Olasoji, (Title pending)


  • Yong Jun Cho, Co-location principle of Grid-connected Renewable Energies and Energy Battery Storage Systems in South Africa
  • Felemane Felemane, Instantaneous synthetic inertia in power systems with high renewable energy penetration
  • Kai Goodall, Educational Solar Car for Engineering Outreach
  • Munashe Jambawo, (Title pending)
  • Isma-eel Khan, Development of the Human-Beta Probabilistic Tool for Network Design 
  • Ronak Atul Mehta, The soft-linking strategies between SATIM and flextool to improve long-term planning/scenario modelling
  • Naniki Letta Nzuza, (Title pending)
  • Michael Rainey, Impact on System Inertia and Stability to rising levels of distributed & Embedded renewable energy generation in dispersed netowrks
  • Ngcebo Sithebe, Voltage Stability in the Presence of Geomagnetically induced currents
  • Mobolaji Windapo, The decentralized generation control in a network with N no. of nodes 

Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Energy System and Grids: EEE4126F