UCT New EBE Building

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering

Our Vision

Our vision is to distinguish ourselves as a leading civil engineering department as measured by the quality of our staff and students, the impact of our teaching, research and innovation, and the contribution to our society. 

Our Mission

  • To maintain a vibrant and supportive environment that enables and encourages our students and staff to connect and achieve their best in a diverse community.
  • To prepare civil engineering students, through a broad-based curriculum informed by research, to become highly competent and ethical professionals equipped to solve societal problems with integrity.
  • To advance transformation by inspiring civil engineering students to become the next generation of academics.
  • To create and transfer knowledge through outstanding, locally relevant and internationally competitive research
  • To provide service and technical expertise to society.

Our Values

  • People are our core strength 
    Our strength lies in all our staff and students. Our environment enables our staff and students to excel in their activities. 
  • Respect for all
    We are an inclusive Department. We respect and value each other. We thrive in our diversity.
  • Collegiality
    We take collective responsibility for our activities in a transparent, mutually respectful and collaborative manner.
  • African identity
    We promote strategic partnerships with African Universities to collaborate in teaching, research and staff development.
  • Excellence
    We are committed to excellence in teaching, research, innovation and administration. We value academic rigour. 
  • Integrity
    We promote honesty and high ethical & moral standards in all our activities including research, teaching, social responsiveness and stewardship of our resources.
  • Interdisciplinary / Cross-disciplinary / Multi-disciplinary
    We support inter-cross- and multi-disciplinary research to enhance our contributions to the field of civil engineering and society. 
  • Innovation
    We promote a culture of innovation in all aspects of our activities. We embrace and exploit the opportunities for civil engineering emerging from industry.
  • Social responsiveness
    We foster engagement with the public sector, industry, nongovernmental and community-based organisations to transfer knowledge, enhance professional practices as well as inform our research, innovation and teaching activities. We recognise our crucial role in developing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.