• Professor
  • Director: Centre for Transport Studies
  • Director of Research: Department of Civil Engineering




  • PhD, University of Cape Town (2002)
  • MCRP, University of Cape Town (1991)
  • BA, University of Cape Town (1986)

Professional Affiliations:

  • Pr Pln (South African Council of Planners)

Undergraduate Teaching:

  • CIV4044S (Research project)

Postgraduate Teaching:

  • CIV5035Z (Management of transport supply and demand)
  • CIV5036Z (Local area transport planning, management and design)
  • CIV5038Z (Integrated land use-transport planning)
  • CIV5070Z (Public transport policy and regulation)
  • CIV5173W (Research Project 2: Transport policy and planning case study)

Research Affiliations:

Publication Profile: 

Research Interests:

  • The regulation and improvement of paratransit, and its integration with scheduled public transport services
  • The dynamics of changing travel behaviour, and the implications this has for the management of travel demand
  • The identification of urban form preconditions for effective and viable public transport networks
  • The use of transport systems by pedestrians, and the improvement of pedestrian infrastructure and environments