The Department of Civil Engineering offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science (Eng) in Civil Engineering.  

Students learn about the various civil engineering areas during lectures and also have practical sessions in labs. These involve the investigation of the properties of various construction materials, soil behaviour and foundation design, behaviour of structural members under different loads, water quality and waste treatment.

During vacations students are expected to do practical training involving both site work and design office experience. The course also includes a survey camp covering basic survey operations and the preparation of a site plan.

This degree is accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and recognised throughout the world in terms of the Washington Accord.

This world-class civil engineering degree that opens the door to a full spectrum of career opportunities, enabling graduates to gain leadership positions and make major contributions in their chosen fields. This four year undergraduate programme is a professional qualification that is recognised internationally. 

The programme develops aspiring engineers with a challenging curriculum to equip them for the demands of this dynamic profession. There’s a strong focus on urban planning and design, leading-edge construction materials technology, a centre for transportation studies, and an emphasis on sustainability, including re-planning cities with fewer roads, upgrading informal settlements and townships and recycling.

Civil engineering choices

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Structural engineering Structural materials  Hydraulic engineering
Transport studies Urban engineering Water management
Geotech engineering