• Lecturer




  • PhD, University of Cape Town (2020)
  • MSc.Eng, University of Cape Town (2009)
  • BSc.Hons (Environmental Eng), University of Pretoria (2005)
  • BTech.Eng (Chem), Cape Peninsula University of Technology (1996)

Professional Affiliations:

  • Engineering Council of SA (201580040)
  • International Water Association (AM-IWA) (01029363)
  • Water Institute of South Africa (MWISA) (24887)
  • Institute of Chemical Engineers (AMIChemE)(99963486)
  • American Water Works Association (MAWWA)(03417043)
  • S.A. Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (AMSaiosh) (54949538)

Undergraduate Teaching:

  • CIV3046 (Water Treatment)
  • CIV4042 (Wastewater Treatment)

Postgraduate Teaching:

  • CIV5046 (Sedimentation Tank Design)
  • CIV5023 (Course title)

Research Affiliations:

Water Research Group (WRG)

Publication Profile:


Research Interests:

Domestic wastewater treatment processes:

  • Activated sludge and anaerobic digestion model integration,
  • Secondary settling tank design,
  • Wastewater treatment plant energy usage and optimization modelling,
  • Wastewater treatment plant data reconciliation

Industrial wastewater treatment processes:

  • Biological sulphate reduction and elemental sulphur recovery,
  • Inhibition modelling and reactor selection,
  • Poultry slaughterhouse wastewater treatment (collaboration),
  • Tannery wastewater treatment (collaboration).

Biorefinery and resource recovery